29 de octubre de 2010

Zenaqua®, the control platform for aquaculture by Ingesom

The aquaculture comes to Spain in the 80s, with a familiar and very traditional structure, centring on the farming of the mussel and the trouts. From 1990, with the introduction of the new technologies in the sector, new species were introduced, as the gilthead and the seabass. In addition, as people became more committed with preserving the natural environment, aquaculture has increased in opposite to massive fishing together with an increase of the consumers demand.

Nowadays, the aquaculture business represents on a global scale half of the production of fish that is consumed. In Europe it reaches almost 20% of the production of fish and gives direct employment to approximately 65.000 people. Concretely in Spain the income places about 220 million €. The community of Galicia agglutinates 70% of the national production, especially for the farming of the mussel.

Ingesom contributes with innovative, sustainable and effective (energy saving and reduced water costs) solutions for the world of the aquaculture, developing automation and control projects for industrial processes by means of a narrow relation with the centres of aquaculture.

Zenaqua® is a supervision and control system especially designed to manage, in an efficient way, all the elements that compose an aquaculture centre. The Zenaqua® system provides access through a single application from the different platforms (PC, pda, …) facilitating the work of control from a user level.

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