7 de mayo de 2013

New collaboration between the Universitat Jaume I and INGESOM

Raúl Marín is associate professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Jaume-I University (Spain) and lectures Computer Networking, and Robotics in the same university. His research interests lie mainly in Field robotics, Rescue and Underwater, including subjects such as Localization, Networks of Sensors and Actuators, Object Recognition, Internet Telerobotics, and Education. He is author or co-author of multiple research publications on these subjects.

During his collaboration with Ingesom we will use his experience gained within the research group IRS with the development of user interfaces for remote monitoring and control of automated systems and his experience in the marine field, such as the maintenance of permanent marine observatories within the TRITON project.

Raúl Marín, New collaboration between UJI and INGESOMSpecifically his work will focus on developing improvements to the Zenaqua system. One of the objectives for this project is to study, evaluate and propose a software/hardware architecture for the incorporation of a underwater camera system, which is connected to the user interface, and whose control software is able to monitor and calculate geometric characteristics of fish, detecting their dimension and other parameters.


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