12 de agosto de 2011

Ingesom visits the International Fair Aqua Nor 2011 in Norway

The International fair AquaNor celebrates every two years in Tronheim, Norway, and it is one of the most important in the aquaculture sector.Throughout 30 years of experience, the last editions have received a total of 15.000 visitors of 50 nationalities, and up to 300 exhibitors who represent more than 600 manufacturers and providers.

Due to the importance of the event, the Aquaculture cluster of companies of Catalonia (AqüiCAT) has organized a business mission of three days to visit the fair Aqua Nor and also to meet with the Norwegian Cluster of the salmon AkvARENA and to meet with investigators of SINTEF, a very important independent investigation organization at European level.

aquanor fair

The Spanish delegation is formed by a group of 15 people, who represent the companies of the Cluster AqüiCAT, as INGESOM, IRTA, ACC1Ó, Aqüicultura els Alfacs, Macfont and Tecnovit among others.

With this business mission, the cluster AqüiCAT and all the companies that conform it will try to promote strategies that generate competitive advantages in the industry of aquaculture.

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