12 de enero de 2011

Ingesom takes part in the III Congress Open and Virtual Castellón 2020

The technological companies from Castellón bet for the managerial synergies to improve the competitiveness and productiveness.

In the frame of the III Congress Open and Virtual Castellón 2020 on November 28, 2011 the eighth meeting dedicated to the New Technologies has been celebrated at Universitat Jaume I. The conference has been moderated by Paco Negre, director of ESPAITEC, accompanied by Gonzalo Fuster, project manager of Bioval; Ángel Gallardo, general manager of Openmedia Solutions; Alfonso Marco, General Manager of ESTIC; Jorge Murria, manager of INGESOM and Antonio Querol, project manager of KERAjet.

III Congress Open and Virtual Castellón 2020

The meeting has begun with a few first words of Paco Negre, General manager of ESPAITEC, introducing the speakers and explaining the organization of the meeting, which has consisted of four differentiated parts: the initial frame of reference of the technological present subsections in the round table, the problems of each of them as well as its opportunities of business and finally, the need to establish synergies and collaborations between them all.

As soon as the speaches were finished, the most repeated ideas have been the need of communication, publication and collaboration, in addition to keeping on promoting the innovative companies with high potential of growth.

To extend the information about the III Congress Open and Virtual Castellón 2020:

•    Press release spread by the organization of the congress




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