21 de diciembre de 2010

Ingesom, enterprising and innovative company, interviewed by CEC

The Businessmen’s Co-Federation of Castellón is a non-profit entity that represents the majority of the companies of the area.

Between all the communications channels used by CEC, it is possible to find on the market a magazine, physically distributed to all the companies of Co-Federation, and in addition an online bulletin, availably to everyone in the CEC’s website.

One of the magazine chapters refers to enterprising and innovative companies from the area, from diverse sectors but always with a common point: to have a project created and already launched to the market.

In the last numbers of the magazine, CEC and  Espaitec (Castellón’s Scientific, Technological and Business Park) are promoting all the companies associated with the park to present their structure and their most innovative projects in the magazine.

In November’s CEC magazine, Ingesom shows its market evolution, as well as the most recent project for the sector of aquiculture.

This project is named Zenaqua, and is an integral and innovative solution for aquiculture centers. The most important difference is the centralization of the control and the supervision of all the elements of the installation, like the modules of water recirculation and the feeders for the fish, among other things.

With the commercialization of the integral solution Zenaqua, Ingesom reaches a new step in the aquiculture sector, searching for the satisfaction of the aquiculture centers needs and providing the calmness and safety that contributes to have all the elements under control.

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