5 de febrero de 2011

Ingesom and IRTA travel to Mexico for the start up of the module of water recirculation

The Division of Acuiculture of Ingesom has given its first step in the internationalization of its services by installing a water recirculation module in an aquaculture institute in Mexico.

Ingesom created in 2009 the Aquaculture Division immediately after the starting up of a water recirculation module in the aquaculture research center that IRTA (Institute of Research & Technology  Food & Agriculture) has in Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Spain), extending its range of products.

The newly created Division of Aquaculture developed other projects in the above mentioned center, as the control of temperatures in laboratory equipments or the set up of fish feeders. Fruit of this satisfactory collaboration, an agreement was signed for which Ingesom became the exclusive manufacturer of IRTA recirculation autonomous modules IRTAmar®, component of reference in the aquaculture field.

The first project out of our borders as exclusive manufacturer of the modules IRTAmar® has consisted of the design, assembly and starting up of a unit for the Institute of Aquaculture of the State of Sonora located of Bay of Kino, Mexico.

irta_sonoraAs soon as necessary specifications were defined and the design of the system to install was completed, Ingesom assembled and programmed the module and also managed the delivery to the research center in Mexico. A team composed by the person in charge of automation of Ingesom, and for the responsible of technical services and a technician of maintenance of the IRTA, travelled in January to start up the module and to provide a brief training on recirculation systems.

For this aquaculture center, the installation of a module IRTAmar® will suppose a big technological advance and a notable increase in the productiveness. This module will be used principally for the production of fish, such as scad and totoaba. For Ingesom, this project has supposed one more step towards the consolidation of the target to offer integral solutions of automation in the aquaculture field.

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