Remodeling of software in the ceramic industry

Being so important in these times the costs reduction and the increase of productiveness, with the support from Ingesom, we have doubled the production in our solids packing line.
— Miguel Ángel Caravaca
Production, Logistics and Acquisitions of Acrilatos

Acrilatos is one of the spanish companies leaders in production and distribution of sodium silicate, and the first one in formulation and production of deflocculants for the ceramic industry.

The company located in Onda, Castellón, had an old and complex bagger machine without electrical schemes. With the solution of Ingesom the customer has increased notably his productiveness working with two lines instead of with one, also now it is possible choose to use any of them.

The tasks of the machinist have been simplified, eliminating recipes and configurations that could induce to error, reducing human mistakes and optimizing the time of the employees. We also delivered a user manual and the electrical schemes, which, in the future, will help them to locate easily any possible electrical breakdown and to facilitate a possible increase of the plant in the future.