Manufacture of autonomous recirculation units

They are a cohesive multidisciplinary team of engineers, experts in telecommunications and software development who have designed such brilliant things as IRTAmar and Zenaqua, its reference brand in the aquaculture world.
— Cristóbal Aguilera
Innovation Manager - Aquaculture
Manager Cluster Aqui+

From the beginning Ingesom has always undertaken projects related to the optimization of water consumption in industrial processes. With our wide experience, we have designed and manufactured a water recirculation unit for the Aquaculture Research Centre in Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona, Spain).

Our autonomous treatment units make it possible to obtain a significant saving of water and energy. The unit which Ingesom made controls all the main water parameters and conditions, such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen levels and recirculating flows.

Through a touch screen with a very easy and intuitive navigation, we offer the chance to monitor any of these elements. Historical data of these variables can also be obtained in order to make research work easier.