Industry 4.0 in Hermanos Llansola

With the application of INGESOM we now have more control over the energy costs of the plant. We have managed to automate the configurations of the presses, eliminate the paper and reduce the errors of the operators.
- Raúl Llansola.
Manager of Hermanos Llansola

INGESOM implemented a control system for the production and registration of downtime reasons in real time at Hermanos Llansola SL, one of the leading factories in the production and sale of ceramic paste in red mixure and white mixure, located in San Joan de Moró ( Castellón).

The production control system is modular. As a first step INGESOM developed a Web application for management of the presses, that counts the production and the losses, and registers the reasons of downtimes of the machines. The configurations of the presses have been automated, so that with each change of production order, the press configuration is automatically downloaded from the production control system. This has considerably reduced the production time and possible human errors that affected the production of the plant.

In a second step, INGESOM increased control over production costs by expanding the Web management application so that it also monitors energy consumption in real time at the machine level. With the application, the client visualizes the production result of each production order and obtains graphs and production reports in a very simple way, which provides essential support to optimize production planning.

Finally the application has been extended to monitor gas consumption in real time, both in the general meter and in ovens and their dryers. With this improvement, Hermanos Llansola can identify the gas consumption associated with the production of a particular item, increasing control over production costs.