Successful cases

  • With the application of INGESOM we now have more control over the energy costs of the plant. We have managed to automate the configurations of the presses, eliminate the paper and reduce the errors of the operators.
    - Raúl Llansola.
    Manager of Hermanos Llansola

    INGESOM implemented a control system for the production and registration of downtime reasons in real time at Hermanos Llansola SL, one of the leading factories in the production and sale of ceramic paste in red mixure and white mixure, located in San Joan de Moró ( Castellón).

  • Thanks to INGESOM we have modernized the electrical panels of most INCOAZUL machinery, improving production and reducing time in format changes.
    - Raúl Miravet
    Maintenance manager of INCOAZUL

    INGESOM modernizes the software of some existing machines in INCOAZUL, manufacturer and distributor of porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles located in L’Alcora (Castellón). In different projects, INGESOM has updated the programs of the kiln input machines and the loading and unloading machines, managing to reduce idle times so that they operate at full capacity and thus increase the productivity of the line.

  • INGESOM is a reliable partner for our developments, their expertise in the industrial automation domain guaranties optimal solutions for our software products at a high speed and quality standards.
    — Ramon Latorre
    Software Development Group Leader at OMRON

    The automation software OMRON CX-Drive serves for reducing the time and complexity of configuring, commissioning and maintaining servos and OMRON inverters with a single tool. INGESOM has been involved in the development of some of the components of this Software, like the data trace control, the real time trace monitoring control, the control for the …

  • Being so important in these times the costs reduction and the increase of productiveness, with the support from Ingesom, we have doubled the production in our solids packing line.
    — Miguel Ángel Caravaca
    Production, Logistics and Acquisitions of Acrilatos

    Acrilatos is one of the spanish companies leaders in production and distribution of sodium silicate, and the first one in formulation and production of deflocculants for the ceramic industry. The company located in Onda, Castellón, had an old and complex bagger machine without electrical schemes. With the solution of Ingesom the customer has increased notably …

  • Commitment, quality, efficiency and good work is for what we offer and what we are looking for. Ingesom, as consultant and participant in our production control has provided it to us.
    — José Marín
    Dpto. de Productividad y Mantenimiento

    The Peronda Group, a manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tiles, also owns shareholdings in other companies engaged in complementary tile-sector activities. The investment effort of Peronda is part of its overall policy and has always been a constant effort to improve productivity. Ingesom as reference provider of industrial automation solutions for the ceramic industry …

  • Been delighted of working with a team as professional as your.
    — Carlos Pérez
    Departamento Técnico EFI CRETAPRINT

    EFI™ is leading the transformation from analog to digital imaging with scalable, digital, award-winning products. Based in Silicon Valley, California with offices around the world, EFI helps businesses and enterprises work more productively and cost-effectively with an integrated product portfolio consisting of industrial inkjet printers and inks, powerful digital front ends, precise color management tools, …

  • They are a cohesive multidisciplinary team of engineers, experts in telecommunications and software development who have designed such brilliant things as IRTAmar and Zenaqua, its reference brand in the aquaculture world.
    — Cristóbal Aguilera
    Innovation Manager - Aquaculture
    Manager Cluster Aqui+

    From the beginning Ingesom has always undertaken projects related to the optimization of water consumption in industrial processes. With our wide experience, we have designed and manufactured a water recirculation unit for the Aquaculture Research Centre in Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona, Spain). Our autonomous treatment units make it possible to obtain a significant …

  • Sysmac Studio is the OMRON Software tool created to give complete control over the Automation System. Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming and monitoring in a simple interface. This advanced tool drives the powerful new NJ-Series machine automation controller. INGESOM collaborated with the development of the component CAM Editor for the generation of CAM Tables. The …

  • €Saver software is a tool developed by Ingesom exclusively for Omron, a Japanese multinational company, well-known in the industrial automation sector. This software stands out for being a very useful and simple programme. With just the introduction of some data of the client’s application, the programme will clearly show the energy saving which a company …

  • NPB is a field-watering association located in Betxi (Castellón), which gives service to the majority of the owners of land in the area. The difficulty that many associations like this one find in their every day work is to split correctly the maintenance costs and of water consumption to every associate, and doing it in …

  • Grupo Ureta Maderas is a company located in Burgos (Spain) with more than 20 years of experience in the timber sector. In recent years, they physically moved their drying equipment to Hungary. Ingesom has developed specific software so that Ureta can keep monitoring their equipment from their head office in Spain. Ingesom’s software let Ureta …

  • Sistemas de Transferencia de Calor, S.A is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of mud drying equipment, amongst other products. Thanks to their experience in the sector, they have managed to develop more and more efficient drying systems with fewer risks. STC works with a large volume of data and they consider it very …