We offer a specialized consulting service to companies from different industrial sectors and research centers with the aim of solving industrial automation and industrial digitalization challenges to improve their efficiency and find practical solutions to the problems posed.
  • What do we do:
  • NAnalysis of requirements and proposal of technical solutions, always taking into account keeping costs low but ensuring a high level of quality for the chosen elements.
  • NWe look for long-lasting solutions that require as little maintenance as possible. For this reason, we always use leading brands in the electronic and control devices used.
  • NAfter studying the installation and the requirements raised by the client, we offer different solution alternatives, and we propose the one we consider most appropriate
  • NWe rely on past experiences, and on similar challenges implemented in other clients to help us decide the best solution to avoid future problems.

After sales service



  • Scheduled controls of installed systems
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance of Software applications
  • Version upgrade management
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