SCADA Programming

We are specialists in SCADA systems, both developed entirely by us as when using commercial applications that contribute to improve productivity and operational efficiency at the customer installations.

InduSoft was founded in 1997 and since then has over 300.000 SCADA HMI applications installed worldwide. The company helps organizations increase productivity and to establish preventive maintenance strategies to optimize performance and availability.

From 2008 we work with this tool and we are the first certified integrator in Spain.

InduSoft has today one of the most powerful collections development automation tools on the market. InduSoft Web Studio can be used to create HMI / SCADA applications that run native on all versions of the Windows operating system. In addition, the application allows HMI SCADA display in a web browser without the need to install additional software.

The main benefits obtained by using Indusoft Web Studio are:

  • Save time: The process is displayed from your desktop or mobile device with Internet access using a standard Web browser
  • Clarity of information: Multilingual, allowing immediate compression by any operator.
  • Cost savings: Applications are developed once and run on any Microsoft Windows platform and its variants Windows CE, Mobile, XP Embedded, and Server.
  • Flexibility: There are more than 250 drivers and controllers PLC, OPC communication (client and server), and TCP / IP.
  • Quick resolution of problems: The quick and clear visualization of the alarms in the various remote devices reduces the reaction time considerably.
  • Enterprise Integration: Your native connectivity relational database for easy integration with ERP systems and “back-office” installed in your company.
  • Reduced downtime: The developer can use open technologies (ActiveX,. NET) to display in the Scada own documentation, videos of how to repair the damage or even audio messages. InduSoft works with the information necessary to obtain the effectiveness and performance indicators suitable for monitoring your installation.