Production control system

INGESOM production control system allows automatic acquisition of production information by counting of the pieces produced in different points of the manufacture line, helping to identify the most problematic zones and to improve the production planning.

This way we have all the production information in real-time what allows us to know the evolution, to obtain the number of decreases of products in every point of the line, and to identify the accumulated stop time with all the related information (motives, responsible machinist at the time of the stop, time used for repairing or for changing the model to be produced, etc.).

The system that we offer in INGESOM is a turnkey solution that consists of a series of specific sensors to count the produced pieces and a few HMIs distributed in strategic zones of the production line in addition to a computer industrial application (SCADA).

When it is possible to connect to an ERP with a cost control module, we facilitate all the information from the factory so that it can allocate costs by production order (Shop Floor Control). This way it becomes possible to automate the reception of information of what happens in the plant towards the ERP, what provides immediateness of the information reducing possible errors in the introduction of the above mentioned information.

The tool has been developed for the ceramic sector, which has some specific peculiarities.

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