Outsourcing service

The fact that technology and programming techniques advance so quickly make it difficult to many companies to count with qualified developers for their programming projects.

Other times it is not possible to give the natural adaptation cycle for an employee to cover all the requirements of the job position.

The outsourcing service is offered both for sporadic needs as for long stays in companies. In INGESOM we have highly qualified personnel in the following fields:

  • Computer engineering: software development on Windows platform (.NET, WPF…), SCADA applications and database management system applications.
  • Industrial engineering, electricity speciality: design of electrical schemes, calculation of electrical sizing and microcontrollers programming.
  • Industrial engineering, mechanics speciality: mechanical design in 3D, control and regulation of machines, design and calculation of pieces.
  • Industrial engineering, industrial electronics speciality: PLC programming, Servos, Frequency Inverters, HMIs and robots among others.

The use of outsourcing services helps the companies to reduce the fixed costs of personnel transforming them into variable costs.

Also, this allows that companies centre their efforts on the nucleus of their business, leaving programming tasks in hands of expert professionals.

INGESOM counts with more than 10 years of experience offering outsourcing services for different companies.