ERP – factory link

To take full advantage of an ERP, it must make use of interfaces with systems running on the ground, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) or SFC (Shop Floor Control).

Unlike ERP that are more customer focused, MES systems or SFC are focused on products and processes. When connected directly to the production lines, the ERP can supply vital information for decision-making in “real time”.

The integration of ERP systems with factory generates large synergies.

Production personnel can have a real-time overview of current tasks and key indicators (KPIs) related to the costs and performance of their processes to make quick decisions based on real data and updated, and in turn, allow management to be clear as the plant is behaving.

In INGESOM we have experience in adapting to any situation, usually finding automated factory processes that can not be modified at all where we need to enter an unobtrusive way to extract the necessary data and serve to ERP.