Energy management system

INGESOM’s energy management system monitors the main energy uses at different levels. Main target is to reduce energy consumption costs in the plant by monitoring the energy used and by detecting and warning about machinery problems as soon as they may happen.

The energy consumptions (gas, electricity …) are monitored in different strategic points of the factory: main electrical/gas connections, distribution points and at machine level. With all this, in addition to the energy consumptions at machine level, we have information of the state of plant in real-time.

To achieve it we install an industrial Software Application (SCADA) in a Server PC in the company. Therefore, in addition to easy to use, it is very robust and trustworthy. On the other hand it may be used as support tool in the implementation process for the ISO 50001.

It is completely adaptable to the needs of every client. Although we have predefined reports, we adapt to the specific reports required by every client. Likewise, the system can get connected with the Factory ERP System to extract information of production that allows us to generate cost reports for product (€/m2).

The tool has been developed for the ceramic sector, which has some specific peculiarities.

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