25 de September de 2017

Production control system: downtimes and reasons for downtime

INGESOM develops a software tool for downtimes registration in real time for the for the ceramic and porcelanic tiles manufacturing plant of HIJOS DE FRANCISCO GAYAFORES SL, a manufacturer with high quality production standards with innovative designs located in Onda, Castellón.
The implementation of a master PLC monitors the different machines in the production line, registering each one of the downtimes produced and assigning them to the operators active at that moment. In addition, the programming of the HMI allows to visualize the downtimes, and to indicate the reason for every one of them allowing the operators to obtain a report on downtimes registered from the touch screen itself.
With this downtime control, GAYAFORES managers obtain detailed information on the registered downtimes, their reasons and the operators involved. In summary, they have greater control over the production process and they can take corrective actions to improve the production of the plant.

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