23 de June de 2017

Llansola. An example of Industry 4.0.

INGESOM has implemented automated control system for real-time montoring downtime reasons and automatically configuring machines based on scheduled production in Hermanos Llansola SL, a ceramics tiles factory located in San Joan de Moró (Castellón).
The production control is modular and as a first step a management Web application has been developed for the press machines where the operators used to configure manually the parameters on every model change, which entailed a lot of time and possible human errors that was diminishing the production of the plant.
In order to automate this process, INGESOM replaced the existing HMI screens of the 5 Press Machines to allow communication with the production control. A new PLC was installed and programmed to communicate the new screens with the management application.
The new production control system monitors the use of the presses, identifying which is the recipe of the “optimal” press for the manufacture of an article and then it stores the recipe in the database. When the article in question is reproduced, the system automatically configures the press with the previously saved configuration, which allows the press to start without problems after selecting the production order on the HMI screen, significantly reducing the time of adjustment of the press and possible human errors, which has caused an increase in the productivity of the factory.
The system also gathers all production information about pieces manufactured and loses in the press area, in addition to recording the reasons for machine stop in that area. All the information is thus centralized in the management application itself.

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