16 de September de 2019

Labeling system automation in LLANSOLA by INGESOM

INGESOM automates the labeling system of ceramic biscuit loading trays and internal barcode assignment, for the ceramic biscuit production company HERMANOS LLANSOLA located in San Joan de Moró (Castellón).
The automation of the label creation process is a new extension within the production control system, implemented previously by INGESOM. This extension in the kiln area is a customized solution that is fully adapted to the way operators work.
Previously, the operators made the labels in cardboard and wrote down all the data manually. Now all the information is registered in a database and the operators, through an HMI, select the information to be printed on the label. This improvement greatly speeds up work, reduces possible human errors in data allocation and the labels are made of plastic with adhesive and resistant ink that guarantees their durability over time.
All information is recorded in the database, from the operators who are working to the actions that each one performs or the data that is printed on each label. This centralized control provides the customer with greater knowledge of the plant and allows better decision making and increases profitability.

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