27 de October de 2016

KUKA ROBOTS invites a INGESOM to the industry 4.0 "The future of automation event"

KUKA Robotics, pioneering company in robotics and technology of automation, is one of the manufacturers leaders in the world of industrial robots. KUKA offers a wide variety of industrial robots of all kinds and with almost any capacity of load. Also, KUKA offers solutions of automation for all the needs of their clients in cooperation with a wide network of collaborator companies.
The event Industry 4.0 the future of the automation that KUKA has organized during the 26th and 27th of October has taken place in their central offices of Vilanova i the Geltrú. This event has been directed principally to manufacturers of machinery and engineering companies like INGESOM, interested in knowing the most innovative products of the company and how they are going to affect in the methods of production of our clients. During the event, KUKA presented the last advances in industrial robots, like the new generation of light load robots (6 kg – 10 kg) and the new pick & place robots.
foto oscar kuka

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