21 de December de 2010

INGESOM visits the centre of research and development of OMRON in Holland

Since the constitution of INGESOM in 2006, the professional tie with the Japanese multinational company OMRON Electronics, always has been very intense because of the continuous projects of OMRON in which INGESOM has collaborated.

An Software Engineer of the Ingesom team has visited recently the research & development centre of the Japanese company in Den Bosch, Holland, considered as one of the most important sites of the company in Europe.

The reason of the visit has been to attend a talk on the new motion controller TJ2 and the new protocols of industrial communications, particularly the EtherCAT protocol, the newest bet of OMRON in communication protocols. Together with the Ingesom engineer, two developers and two testers of the Software development department of OMRON also assisted to the meeting, completing this way the group of people in charge of developing new Software products to support this new communications protocol for OMRON.

The event resulted very interesting, since it helped to expand the knowledge of this protocol and will help to apply it efficiently to the new products of OMRON.


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