30 de December de 2019

INGESOM upgrades the programming of an OMRON PLC and HMI in a textile manufacturing machine

INGESOM installs a last generation OMRON HMI and OMRON PLC, replacing the existing ones, and upgrades programming for a textile manufacturing machine for a Control Techniques, project, world leader in the design and production of variable speed electronic drives for the control of electric motors based in Newtown, Wales. It has dedicated production and R&D offices worldwide, along with automation centers in 45 locations around the planet.
Control Techniques is a company of Nidec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drives of various technologies, found in a wide variety of applications, such as computers, mobile phones, appliances, cars, manufacturing plants and robots, among others. It has approximately 300 subsidiaries and 140,000 employees worldwide, and with annual sales exceeding $ 14.7 b.
The equipment was obsolete, had problems locating spare parts and needed to centralize the control of all the processes involved in the operation of the textile machine. With the improvements made by INGESOM, all the information is centralized in the PLC, and thus, for future extensions, both remote control and supervision management through a SCADA application is facilitated, as well as the subsequent analysis of the data already recorded.
The new interface design is simpler and more intuitive, and facilitates the modification and administration of recipes. In addition, from a general window it is possible to motnitor the current status of the machine and all the equipment, seeing at a glance the most important data and signals for effective machine control.
In the application new functions have been added. Now, it is possible to monitor and modify the configuration of the temperature controls from the HMI of the machine, as well as the tension and the speed of the fabric in each zone of the machine. These functions reduce the time spent by operators and reduce possible human errors, which translates into an increase in productivity and profitability for the customer.

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