28 de June de 2019

INGESOM updates the mill control panel

INGESOM makes a modification of a mill control panel of an important distributor of raw materials. Thus, INGESOM engineers program the HMI and the existing UNITRONICS PLC to automate material shipments, selecting the mills of origin and the silos of destination.
In addition to automating the management of material shipments, manual valves have also been replaced by new automatic valves with the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic installation involved. Now it is possible to see at a single glance in the HMI the general state of the mills and silos of the plant, their levels in real time and the shipments of materials, both those that are being made at that time as well as the historic data, significantly reducing the time spent by the operators.
With this improvement, the opening and closing of the solenoid valves can be carried out directly from the PLC thanks to the new programming that speeds up the work of the operators. The work process is now safer. In case of several requests from the users, the system manages the priorities, making it impossible to execute several orders at the same time, avoiding possible human errors and the losses that they entail for the customer.

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