25 de May de 2012

INGESOM takes part in the Advanced Course of Systems of recirculation and their application in aquaculture

Aquaculture is one of the sectors that has grown more in the last decades, and every time there are more voices that ask for the use of respectful technologies with the environment, like the systems of water recirculation.

These systems that in aquaculture provide a way of constant and adjustable farming, work to control the different parameters, like the temperature, flow or the oxygen. In this way, recirculation systems have contributed to a more intensive and trustworthy production, at the same time that they have achieved significant savings in the consumption of energy and water.


The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ) organized the third edition of the Course Advanced on Systems of Recirculation and their application in aquaculture between May 14 and 18. Some of the most recognized professionals on this field at global stage were present among the speakers, like Ep Eding from the Aquaculture and Fisheries Group in Holland, Raúl H. Priedrahita from the University of California in the USA, Jean Paul Blancheton from Laboratoire d’Aquaculture du Languedoc-Roussillon in France and Ricard Carbó from the IRTA, Research & Technology, Food and Agriculture in Spain.

Jorge Murria, manager of INGESOM, along with thirty professionals and researchers proceeding from twelve different countries attended the course. During one of the shows by Ricard Carbó about water recirculation modules IRTAmar®, he presented their integration inside the integral solution Zenaqua® for aquaculture, developed by INGESOM.

The program finished with a visit to the facilities of IRTA, where the participants could attend on a demonstration of the Zenaqua® system and IRTAmar® modules in combination, and their possibilities of control and monitoring in remote way from a PC, a tablet and a smartphone.

The event organized by the IAMZ has been particularly interesting since it allowed to share the last innovations on water recirculation in the sector and also because the interaction among all the attendees, all of them directly professionally related with the Aquaculture.

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