10 de July de 2010

INGESOM strenghts its presence in the aquaculture sector

Ingesom sings an agreement with IRTA (Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentaria), in order to commercialize at world-wide level an autonomous module for water recirculation directed to the sector of aquiculture. In the last decades, this activity has had a very important growth, and at present it provides half of marine products destined to the human consumption, data that will increase due to over-exploitation the aquatic species undergo in its natural habitat.

This module allows an important energy and water saving, optimizing the consumption of this natural resource so appraised, in addition it contributes a rigorous control on all the parameters of the water like the pH, oxygen or temperature among others. This constant supervision makes it a very attractive solution and a reference for the researchers of these centers, that need robust and trustworthy systems that facilitate their projects.

water tanks

In year 2009 Ingesom and IRTA developed the first module in the facilities of IRTA in its research center of Sant Carles de la Rápita in Tarragona. During this first module construction, the functionalities of the own system were improved.

After this positive experience, the first international project in this agreement has been run in Mexico, concretely in Hermosillo (Sonora state), where Ingesom is going to install in the next months a recirculation module for the Institute of Aquaculture of Sonora.

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