14 de February de 2012

INGESOM reinforces the University pull in this new year

In INGESOM we have always bet for a staff formed by young professionals and with a high academic formation. With the target to keep on nourishing our team of the most qualified persons we have created a university pull of support, which provides to us a persons’ constant flow to develop their practicum period in our facilities with the possibility for later to start being a part of the staff of Ingesom.


In INGESOM we offer the possibility of realizing investigations not only with the most novel technologies that have just gone out to the market, but also with the last tendencies in design and programming of applications. The students realize an excellent work of investigation and tests that serves them to learn and to complete their formation. In this year 2012 two students of the last course of Computer Engineering of the University Jaume I of Castellón have applied to perform the practicum in Ingesom. After having realized an investigation on mobile applications, one of them continues in Ingesom with the development of these applications, by means of a contract with the Fundació Universitat Jaume I – Empresa (FUE).

The projects developed by students with support of the coach in the company grants Ingesom confidence to apply the results of the investigations in projects and developments that complete the product porftolio of the company.

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