15 de January de 2020

INGESOM performs retrofit of MARTIN industrial cardboard machines for Grupo La Plana

INGESOM performs a retrofit process on four Martin industrial machines for Grupo La Plana, a family-owned and independent business group, founded in 1973, dedicated to the manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging. It currently has four of its own production plants in Betxí and Onda (Castellón), in Cenicero (La Rioja) and in Igualada (Barcelona). It also has a network of assembly plants spread across Spain and Portugal, which guarantees supply and reduces logistics costs for its customers.
Since its creation, Grupo La Plana has opted for innovation and constant commercial expansion, consolidating a business model that has allowed it to lead the production of corrugated cardboard packaging in the national market. Positioning that contributes to the constant renewal and automation of production processes that allow it to reach a production of two million cardboard boxes per day.
Martin industrial machines make cardboard compositions, grouping and ungrouping, and then palletizing according to the needs of the client at any time. Machinery to be replaced was very old, making it difficult to make improvements because the source code was not available, it was complicated to resolve problmes due to the lack of availability of standard spare parts, and it was not possible to monitor the program to help resolving problems.
In order to modernize the production processes of Martin industrial machines and increase their competitiveness, INGESOM updates the programming of the entire machine by installing new OMRON PLCs and modern Weintek touch screens. It also replaces the frequency inverters with new models with new communication systems, which allows knowing the state of the motor and the mechanical systems, facilitating preventive actions such as the anticipation of possible breakdowns. Finally, INGESOM reviews and updates the electrical diagrams to install a new electrical panel, perfectly insulated, with the wiring and labels ordered, and which will speed up the search for signals in case of breakdowns.
With all this retrofit process, Grupo La Plana now has updated machinery with a totally open system, with a close support and it is possible to monitor the values ​​and movements to resolve faults and make improvements that increase its efficiency. Spare parts that may be needed in the future are standard, easy to get, and affordable. The renewal of the entire system contributes to making the machinery more competitive without having to assume the cost of new equipment, is adapted to the new regulations and allows the integration with Industry 4.0 systems.

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