3 de March de 2019

INGESOM modifies the program of a cardboard rolling and gluing machine in Brazil

INGESOM carries out a technical assistance in a cardboard rolling and gluing machine in a factory in Brazil for the company Control Techniques, world leader in the design and production of variable speed electronic drives for the control of electric motors based in Newtown, Wales. It has dedicated production and R & D delegations around the world, along with automation centers in 45 locations around the globe.
Control Techniques is a company of Nidec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drives of various technologies, which are found in a wide variety of applications, such as computers, mobile phones, household appliances, automobiles, manufacturing plants and robots, among others. It has approximately 300 affiliates and 140,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales exceeding 14.7 b $.
The cardboard machine was not well configured, the blade did not cut the pieces according to the measure established by the technicians, so that part of the pieces produced were not suitable for sale, since the stickers did not match the boxes of cardboard where they should be glued according to the specifications of the final customer.
INGESOM modifies the parameters of the program so that the machine has the appropriate configuration and makes the necessary electrical and mechanical adjustments so that the adhesive sheets and the pre-cut cardboard pieces fit perfectly. In addition, all electrical equipment is verified to reduce maintenance problems in the future, reducing possible human errors and facilitating the work to the operators.
With these improvements made the speed in the production line has almost doubled, the number of defective parts have decreased and there are no snags in the production phases. In conclusion, the productivity of the cardboard machine has increased significantly with the consequent increase in benefits for the end customer.

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