26 de June de 2020

INGESOM modernizes the programming of an HMI in an Kiln unload machine

INGESOM installs a new WEINTEK HMI and updates the programming to optimize the management of recipes for the Kiln unload machine at the facilities of KEROS CERÁMICA, a company located in Nules (Castellón) with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of ceramic floor and wall tiles.
The replacement of the obsolete keypad with display by a modern touch HMI allows registering a large number of recipes, and greatly facilitates the management of machine parameters according to the characteristics of each format. With this improvement, the operators are more efficient, both due to the reduction in the time taken to fulfill their tasks and the reduction of possible human errors thanks to a greater degree of automation of the processes.
Furthermore, through the general synoptic, users of KEROS CERÁMICA can easily and intuitively see the general state of the machine and each of the digital inputs and outputs. This increase in control over the production process allows early detection of possible breakdowns that help minimize reaction times to correct the anomaly.
The INGESOM technical team also installs new frequency inverters and makes an improvement in the speed management system that streamlines the gearbox with a slight increase in speed, a modification that ensures that some formats can supply the kiln correctly and with the absence of gaps the customer gets an increase in the production of pieces.

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