25 de June de 2017

INGESOM keeps on providing support to OMRON for the inclusion of new equipment in the Inverters configuration Software CX-Drive

OMRON keeps on trusting INGESOM as specialist in Software development. As example of this we have all the projects delivered in the last 10 years as provider of Software Development for the Japanese multinational company.
The Automation Software CX-Drive of OMRON is only one example of the projects where INGESOM has taken part. CX-Drive reduces the time and complexity of the configuration, start-up and maintenance of the commissioning of servos and frequency inverters of OMRON.
Furthermore, in the past INGESOM updated this software for inverters as the J1000 (specific for applications like conveyor belts, fans and pumps) or the L1000V (that provides advanced control in lift applications).
In these moments, INGESOM is developing an update for CX-Drive to support a new frequency inverter that incorporates innovative technology for industrial applications.

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