5 de April de 2021

INGESOM joins Xarxatec, Association of Technological Companies of Castellón

Xarxatec is the Castellón Association of Technology Companies whose objectives are to join forces among companies in the sector, increase the visibility of the province’s powerful technology sector and contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
This non-profit association was born driven by four leading companies in the technology sector such as Cuatroochenta, EventsCase, IoTsens and Nayar Systems, in addition to the support of CEEI Castellón. At the moment, Xarxatec has more than 50 technology companies that are collaborating in concrete actions and new projects, such as giving a boost to Dual FP with the collaboration of IES Caminás or promoting the presence of women in the technological world.
INGESOM as automation and software engineering specialized in developing monitoring and control solutions for Industry 4.0 is one of the most recent companies to join Xarxatec. With a history of more than 14 years, INGESOM is aware of the importance of promoting, attracting and retaining qualified talent as a key element in the development of sustainable and innovative projects. In addition, participating in the association’s periodic events is a good opportunity to meet the other associated companies, create synergies and find potential collaborators for future projects.

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