24 de October de 2016

INGESOM installs the System of Control of Production

INGESOM implants in an out-standing ceramic company the System of Control of Production that allows the automatic gathering of information for production control, by means of the counting of the pieces produced in the different points of the manufacturing line, identifying the most problematic zones and improving the planning of the production.
This way the customer has all the information of production in real-time what allows him to know his evolution, to obtain the number of product loses in every point of the line, and to identify the downtimes with all the related information (reason of stop, machinists responsible for zone in the moment of the stop, time used for repairing or for format changes, etc.).
The general view of the application shows at a glance and in real-time the active production orders and the alarms providing information of the state of the production. Furthermore, it allows to obtain information as the evolution of the production of a particular model or the time exceeded without pieces, which finally facilitates the decision making on the part of the managers of the company.
This system has been interconnected by the ERP system of the company, from which the programming of production is received. Finally, as a shop floor control, all the information of production from the plant is sent to the ERP in Real Time.

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