15 de April de 2019

INGESOM implements an Energy Management System and integrates production data in EUROARCE

INGESOM implements the Energy Management System in the production center of the company EUROARCE located in Onda (Castellón), the Spanish leader in raw materials for the ceramic industry, and integrates production data to centralize all the information in a single database , which will allow to cross data and obtain useful information such as the detailed production obtained and its associated energy costs.
EUROARCE is the raw materials division for the ceramic industry within the SAMCA Group, present in the Mining, Renewable Energies, Plastic Polymers, Synthetic Fibers, Agro-food, Real Estate Development, Agro-chemical and Logistics Infrastructures industries. Altogether, SAMCA directly employs approximately 3,500 people in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.
The production and the marketing in major ceramic sectors are done through different companies. Euroarce Materias Primas SA in Ariño (Teruel), grinds, refines an calcines clays and kaolins. Euroarce S.R.L. in Civita Castellana (Viterbo, Italy), produces bodies and glazes for sanitaryware ceramics; in addition to this SAMCA Onda and Euroarce Ceramics in Onda (Castellón), are specialized in processing raw materials and spray-dried bodies for wall and floor tiles.
The Energy Management Software monitors energy consumption by installing meters located at strategic points in the factory, such as the general connection, distribution points and each of the main machines. In addition, it allows defining and monitoring alarms, configuring its limits according to customer needs and giving warnings as soon as an abnormal situation occurs such as a peak power. Incident reporting and detection of energy surcharges give greater control to the customer, reduce reaction times and achieve significant savings in plant electrical and gas energy costs.
The main synoptic of the web application developed by INGESOM makes it easy for the customer to consult the general state of the plant at a glance. As well as, it allows to visualize the main indicators of dryers and mills (tons, energy and efficiency), together with comparative graphs of the same ones where the data of previous days and months are related to the current ones. In this way, it is possible to detect when there is a decrease in productivity in the plant, investigate the origin and make decisions to correct it as soon as possible.
With the Web application, the customer can access the information from any device, factory point and even, from outside the factory through a VPN connection. This functionality guarantees greater control over the factory at all times and a reduction in the reaction time against any incident that occurs, increasing the efficiency of the plant and its bottom line at the end of the year.


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