13 de November de 2019

INGESOM implements a Production Control System

INGESOM implements an automated control system for controlling the production in terms of unitsproduced and downtimes in the press and glazing areas of an important ceramic tiles production company located in Castellón area. With this project the customer wishes to know and control the production time and downtimes of the machines, as well as the reasons that cause each one of the stops, to initiate actions that minimize them and that increase the productivity of the plant.
Until now, the operators recorded the total number of pieces produced and downtimes using manually written parts. With the automated production control system, togheher with the Energy Management System that we implemented several years ago, the customer can visualize, record and make inquiries about the run-times and stop-times of each of the machines. Thus, the information is centralized in a single database, avoiding possible human errors in the production of the production parts.
The INGESOM production control system also records data such as the number of parts produced in the different machines of the line, the number of losses or the gaps in the line. The collection of this data allows the client to calculate in a simple way the OEE, an indicator that quantifies the productivity and efficiency of the production processes. The correct implementation of the OEE improves production performance, since it reduces downtimes, improves the product quality index and increases employee efficiency.

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