25 de January de 2021

INGESOM expands the monitoring kit for breathable crystalline silica in the environment with humidity and temperature control

INGESOM adds new humidity and temperature control functionalities to the kit to monitor and control the levels of breathable crystalline silica in the environment, a product specifically designed for any company in the industrial sector that contains free silica in its production process.
This kit for the measurement of particles developed by INGESOM is a solution that complies with the new regulations established in the EU, relative to the protection of workers against exposure to breathable crystalline silica dust generated in a work process, and furthermore, it entails the obligation to review their levels periodically in order not to exceed the legally established limit value.
In order to improve the basic kit for monitoring Crystalline Silica and adapt to the new needs of customers, INGESOM’s technical team has developed two more models that include new functionalities. The first model incorporates alarms that warn the user when the dust levels predefined by the customer are exceeded, by means of a two-color light beacon and a relay output that enables the activation of other mechanisms when the alarm occurs. With this improvement, the user has a real-time control that allows him to react immediately to correct the situation.
The second model incorporates a humidity and temperature control sensor that monitors the working conditions of the operators, so that they comply with the safety and hygiene measures at work. As with all the dust monitoring kit models, the data collected is recorded in a database, and through a web application it is possible to view reports and a graphical representation of them. In this way, the customer can identify the most conflictive areas of his factory and take measures that help maintain good working conditions for his workers.

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