25 de August de 2015

INGESOM develops the Energy Management System in an important ceramic tiles production company in the area

INGESOM develops in an important ceramic company of the province of Castellón, the Energy Management System capable of monitoring the principal energy uses at different levels. The main target has been to reduce costs in the plant by means of the detection of energy overrun and to notice anomalies as soon as they happen.
The energy consumptions (gas, electricity …) are monitored in different strategic points of the factory: main electrical connection, distribution points and at machine level. With all this, in addition to the energy consumptions at machine level, it also show information of the state of plant in real-time.
The main synoptic of the application shows active alarms, load curves and communication errors between others. It is possible to identify quickly the existence of anomalies as excesses of reactive energy allowing the user to correct this deviation and to avoid the penalization.
The visualization of the alarm history in the whole ceramic plant facilitates the later analysis of the information on the part of the persons in charge and therefore, the future decision making.

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