30 de January de 2018

INGESOM designs, programs and coordinates the expansion of a new mill

INGESOM programs, designs and carries out the start-up of the new control cabinet that will manage the new mill purchased by our client. The tasks to be carried out by each of the companies involved in the project were also addressed and coordinated, including the mill manufacturer, the electrical installer and the specialist in the scale of the weighing belt that feeds the mill.
Thanks to this expansion, the well-known distributor of raw materials will be able to significantly increase production by adding a new mill to its plant, which will allow it to meet the orders of its customers with greater efficiency.
In addition, the operators of the plant will be able to visualize in a fast and intuitive way the general synoptic through the touch screen placed in the control panel and change from automatic to manual mode according to the needs of every moment. They can also monitor the values ​​of the analog and digital signals of the mill, and if they are incorrect, a warning alarm will be issued immediately so that the error can be corrected.
In addition, with a view to achieving greater control in the plant in the future, the installed touch screen has an Ethernet connection that will facilitate the integration with a SCADA application for Production Control, as well as allow remote monitoring.

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