22 de March de 2021

INGESOM creates a web application for TODAGRES that facilitates the analysis of production according to qualities and defects

INGESOM creates a web application that displays the recorded data of a Check Point machine through personalized reports that facilitate the analysis of production according to qualities and defects in the facilities of Todagres, a company founded in 1969 in Vila-real (Castellón), specialized in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of Technical Porcelain tile.
Todagres S.A., has been able to develop an innovative company since its inception, as a pioneer in new products and production techniques, making a great qualitative leap in 1998 when as a result of incessant work, a new product was created: The Todagres Porcelain Tile¨, currently one of the best considered Porcelain Tile brands, and surely the one that best expresses the spirit of work, research, and business innovation.
The client has installed a Check Point machine developed by System Ceramics, a quality control system for ceramic tiles that allows the early removal of tiles that present visual defects. It also includes the Prime platform, a system that extracts and stores information in real time, through a graphical interface located on the machine itself.
The web page developed by INGESOM communicates with the Prime platform to extract the data that the machine registers in real time, and allows the user to access the most relevant information through personalized and detailed reports. The study of the historical data and the visualization in graphical format facilitates Todagres the analysis of the production process according to qualities and defects, and speeds up its subsequent decision making.
In addition, the web system installed in Todagres has other advantages, it offers the possibility of including data from any other machine managed by the Prime platform in its analysis. And as it is a web solution, it also provides greater accessibility, since the client can view all the reports from anywhere in the factory using a mobile phone or tablet.

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