15 de February de 2021

INGESOM carries out the retrofit of a tiles unloading machine for KEROS CERÁMICA

INGESOM modernizes a tiles unloading machine in order to increase its production and significantly extend its useful life, at the facilities of KEROS CERÁMICA, a company located in Nules (Castellón) with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing sector, ceramic floor and wall tiles.
The customer had an obsolete electrical panel, without an HMI screen and with a PLC that sometimes failed when the machine was running continuously. Through the retrofit process of industrial machines, INGESOM installs a new electrical panel according to current standards and with full availability of spare parts that facilitates preventive maintenance by technicians.
Together with the electrical panel, INGESOM replaces the old PLC with a new automaton with an updated program that allows KEROS CERÁMICA maintenance technicians to connect from a PC to locate faults faster, speeding up maintenance tasks and reducing downtime during the production process of the machine.
A new HMI is also installed that manages a greater number of recipes. With a synoptic of the machine it is possible to interact and view its status in a fast and intuitive way. In addition, the drives are replaced by new models with communication, which allows the PLC and line speed to be controlled through the same recipe. With these changes, the process is digitized and operators no longer need to use recipes in paper.
To complete the retrofit process of the tiles unloading machine, better security systems adapted to the new regulations are included. In this way, INGESOM helps KEROS CERÁMICA to have a more up-to-date machine and without making the high investment involved in buying a new one, safer for its workers and with a more sustainable production process.

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