19 de November de 2020

INGESOM carries out the retrofit of a sewing machine for Grupo La Plana

INGESOM carries out the retrofit of a sewing machine, in charge of joining the flaps of the cardboard boxes with metallic thread, in order to improve their operation, their production ratios and even the finish of the product. Grupo La Plana is a familiar and independent business group located in Betxí (Castellón), and is dedicated to the manufacture of corrugated and compact cardboard packaging.
Currently, the group has 4 production centers that add more than 100,000 square meters of facilities, all of them have the latest technology and guarantee a sustainable process with low environmental impact. In addition, they have 14 assembly plants spread throughout the national territory, that cover the global demand for cardboard packaging from large markets in Spain, Portugal, southern France, North Africa and Latin America.
The sewing machine is an old model with obsolete components, which make both its periodic maintenance and integration with the rest of the production process difficult. The retrofit solution developed by INGESOM allows Grupo La Plana to increase production, introduce new functionalities and extend the useful life of the machine, and all this, without making the investment that the purchase of new equipment implies.
INGESOM analyzes the current operation and the real needs of the client, to optimize the performance of the sewing machine. The PLCs are replaced by newest models, which speed up maintenance tasks, can find spare parts easily and reduce downtimes. The screen is also replaced by a new, larger touch HMI, which makes it possible to implement a new, more visual and intuitive interface, simplifying configuration tasks, and new analog cards are installed that allow a finer adjustment in the production process of the machine.
Furthermore, as part of the retrofit solution, INGESOM brings together in a new software version all the improvements made to the machine in recent years to improve its performance and thus reduce the number of electrical components liable to fail. All these improvements offer the possibility of integrating the sewing machine with the rest of the equipment that Grupo la Plana has in its plant, speeding up the transfer of information and reducing possible human errors.

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