20 de December de 2018

INGESOM automates data collection of density and humidity tests

INGESOM automates the collection of data obtained in density and humidity tests, which are carried out punctually and continuously in the press area of ​​this client, a manufacturer of high quality porcelain stoneware and ceramics with innovative designs.

The obsolete electronics of the machine that performs the compaction tests in the press zone has been replaced by a PLC and an HMI. Now the results of the measurements are automatically recorded in the general database of the plant, instead of filling a paper report in each area, with the consequent reduction of both time spent and possible human errors.

To automate the humidity tests, a touch screen has been implemented that simplifies and speeds up the work of the operators, since they can enter the data directly from the screen. The generation of the reports stops being a paper template to become a digital report where the workers select a series of fields, which allows to unify the reports of the different areas of the plant.

With these improvements, the client manages to add a new functionality to the machines already in plant, integrating all the results and reports of the tests in the general database. Registering and storing all the information in a single database enables the generation of cross-data reports that facilitate decision making by the property.

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