25 de October de 2017

Industry 4.0 in Llansola. Part 2

An extension of the management Web application previously developed by Ingesom has been made, in order to monitor energy consumption in real time at machine level and thus have greater control over production costs.

In the plant of Hermanos Llansola SL, network analyzers are installed in the different existing machines such as ovens, presses or production lines, to obtain real-time power consumption data.

Thanks to Ingesom’s production control system, the consumption data at the machine level involved in the production of a production order are identified, in order to allocate the energy cost in the same production order.

The Web management application allows the visualization of the manufacturing result of the production order, with its associated costs together with other indicators. It also allows graphs and production reports to be obtained very easily, which provides essential support to optimize production planning.

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