28 de May de 2012

Indusoft recognizes INGESOM as certified integrator

Indusoft was founded in 1997 and since then it has more than 125000 HMI SCADA applications installed all over the world. The signature helps organizations to increase the productivity and to establish preventive strategies for maintenance optimizing the working time and availability.
Indusoft Web Studio is nowadays one of the most powerful Software Tools for development of automation solutions available in the market. Indusoft Web Studio can be used to create native HMI/SCADA applications that run on any version of Microsoft Windows operating system, or to create Web-based applications that will run on any system.
From 2008 at Ingesom we began to work with this product and from May 2012 we have become the first certified integrators of Indusoft in Spain, after having successfully passed all the required certification examinations.

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