Update of the programming in existing machinery of INCOAZUL

Customer: INCOAZUL

Location: Castellón (Spain)


INGESOM modernizes the software of some existing machines in INCOAZUL, manufacturer and distributor of porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles located in L’Alcora (Castellón). In different projects, INGESOM has updated the programs of the kiln input machines and the loading and unloading machines, managing to reduce idle times so that they operate at full capacity and thus increase the productivity of the line.

The update of the program in the loading machines of entrance of the kiln allows to increase the pieces download speed, avoids that they snag in the line and that they have gaps in the kiln. In addition, the installation of a touch screen HMI facilitates the configuration, to obtain interactive graphics, and the management of alarms and recipes by the users.

The improvements in the program of the unloading machine located in the exit of the kiln manage that the pieces go faster and that they feed into the squaring machine so that it performs to his maximum capacity. The new HMI touch screen facilitates configuration through recipes, allows easy access to interactive reports and simplifies alarm management, reducing possible human errors in the plant.

The update with a new PLC and the communication of all the equipment with each other, considerably improves the speed of the loading machines reducing the downtime in production. The implementation of a touch screen facilitates the configuration allowing users to memorize more types of recipes, speeds and formats, simplifying and reducing the time in making any change that requires production planning.

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