Reference provider of industrial automation solutions for the ceramic industry

Customer: PERONDA

Location: Onda (Spain)


The Peronda Group, a manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tiles, also owns shareholdings in other companies engaged in complementary tile-sector activities. The investment effort of Peronda is part of its overall policy and has always been a constant effort to improve productivity.

Ingesom as reference provider of industrial automation solutions for the ceramic industry has developed a pioneering project that involves the introduction of several Weintek HMI in one of its production lines and an upgrade for their SCADA for production control.

Every time that the line is stopped, the user has to report the reason through the HMI application, so all the necessary information remains registered in the SCADA application. Furthermore, it allows a corrective and preventive maintenance, which results in significant time savings for operators.

In the SCADA application, the reason for the stop is registered together with other data. It is also possible to do queries and to generate reports with real time data, which contributes to decision-making by managers.

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