Improvements in the invoicing system of Nuevo Progreso Betxinense

Customer: Nuevo Progreso Betxinense

Location: Betxí (Spain)

Year: -

NPB is a field-watering association located in Betxi (Castellón), which gives service to the majority of the owners of land in the area.

The difficulty that many associations like this one find in their every day work is to split correctly the maintenance costs and of water consumption to every associate, and doing it in a trustworthy and economic way.

Ingesom has developed a modification in their invoicing system that for the first time has allowed them to receive the general expenses of the association from all their associates in a proportional way relative to the piece of land owned by every one, achieving thus a more equitable share-out of the costs.

Furthermore, with the same improvement in the invoicing system it has been included the possibility of reducing the number of receipts for associate by producing only one per each (grouping all their lands and showing totalized information) and also the possibility of reducing the number of annual receipts grouping the water consumption of several months, like for example those in which the consumption has been low. This way NPB has reduced notably the bank costs related to the emission of the above mentioned receipts and optimizing his resources

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