4 de January de 2023

Advantage of a control system for research centers (3)

Automated feeding control for dosing feed individually in each of the fish tanks

Information security and protection needs, in research centers, are usually the object of maximum care, together with the needs for flexibility and immediacy of access to said information at any time and from anywhere.

With a centralized supervision and control system, we obtain important advantages for researchers: automated control of the installation in real time, both locally and remotely, video recording in 4K resolution in order to complete the information collected by the system, and automated control, in this case, feeding the fish to automate the dosage of food individually.

Regarding the third advantage, all the automatic feeders are controlled from the PLC so that they dose the amounts of feed programmed in each of the tanks. Likewise, the system allows different programming in each tank, and stores the results in the database that allows researchers to obtain immediate results thanks to the digitalization of the entire process.

We appreciate the trust placed in the IATS research center of the CSIC

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