1 de octubre de 2010

Company selected for a university test as part of the new Degree in Computers Science

Ingesom has been selected by University Jaume I as a company were one student will do the End Degree Project + period of internships during course 2010-2011. Ingesom will be one of the few companies used by the University that will help them to monitor this new process.

Ingesom has been selected to develop a project with Universitat Jaume I to get a student of the last course of Computers Engineering that will develop his/her «End of Degree Project» toghether with a period of internship in the company. It is the first time that a company is involved in this process, coaching a student with his/her End of Degree project. The student will carry out a real project, in a real company which will grant an excellent work experience for the student.

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