17 de noviembre de 2011

And we are five years full of illusions and better results.

It is a pleasure for us to share our anniversary as a company: it is five years since Ingesom started at the end of 2006.

From the beginning the target of INGESOM was to offer innovative solutions in automation and software to save energy resources by applying a higher supervision and control in the industrial process.

Throughout these years our organization has evolved very positively: we have increased the number of customers, and we have build customer loyalty. We have structured the services that we offer in two divisions mainly (Industrial and Aquaculture) and we have sold internationaly. Also, in INGESOM we have designed and commercialized the Zenaqua® system, an innovative system to control and supervise aquaculture research centers and fish farms. On the other hand, we became the exclusive manufacturers of the water recirculation modules IRTAmar®, patented recently by the IRTA (Research and Technology, Food and Agriculture Institute) of Catalonia (Spain).


Our human team, responsible for all the projects developed by INGESOM, has been increased considerably. In 2006 the three founding partners started the journey with big illusion. Nowadays, the staff is integrated by 12 people plus some students that are developing their end of degree project at the company in some research.

Another fact that enforces our trajectory are the numbers, since in this last year we are going to multiply by five the invoicing of the first year of activity of INGESOM. These results are the fruit of the constant effort realized by an enterprising and dynamic team, with a high grade of demand in the quality of results.

Along this period, som institutions have distinguished us with several awards. In our first year we received a special mention of the jury to the best company project from the CEEI (European Center of Innovative Companies of Castellón). During year 2008 we also became finalist of Company of the Year awards delivered by the local press company Mediterraneo of Castellón. And finally this year 2011, INGESOM has been distinguished by the award to the best business career by the CEEI, of which we feel especially proud.

In the latter year we have re-designed the web page of INGESOM with a new corporate image, where we show our projects, as well as news and links that we hope are interesting for you.

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