12 de julio de 2011

An aquaculture research center in Basque Country chooses IRTAmar® modules made by Ingesom

The technology is evolving in the sector of aquaculture, where many centers are being supplied with equipments to optimize results using water recirculation systems, implementing advanced process controls and improving the supervision and monitoring tasks of their units.

 A technological center of marine research located in the Basque Country has been interested in Zenaqua® solution developed by Ingesom to install it in one of its fish farms. This Basque research center dedicates special interest to the innovations in aquaculture technologies, and for it, they decided to work with the new water recirculation and water treatment automated system IRTAmar® that is a part of the Zenaqua® solution.



With the target to cover all needs, Ingesom and its associate IRTA have designed two equipments for their pilot plant, where different tests are realized with species as the turbot or the cod. As peculiarity to this installation, a system has been developed to provide a major control of the energy consumptions of the system. This will allow to carry out a research over the costs of the different aquaculture researches.

The technical service of Ingesom has finished successfully the start up of Zenaqua® and its units in the Basque facilities, where they have already started with their research projects.

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